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A person who is very loving
My cat was being a love bucket, because she cuddled and played with me all day.
by Lesley September 05, 2003
Derived from teh cult classic Napoleon Dynamite. Variant of PO'd but it means ticked off.
11 year old A- dude i was so fricking angry
11 year old B- oh my gosh!
11 year old A- he made fun of my sweaterfest, i was like " GO TO H - E DOUBLE HOCKEYSTICKS!!!!!"
11 year old B- GASP!!!
11 year old A- I know right? I was so TO'd
by Lesley February 20, 2005
Telling some one to calm down or to chill
listen yo, kick back.
by Lesley June 26, 2004
Another way of saying "the f word"
Fajooble my toeee! OUCH!
by Lesley November 21, 2003
To take care of oneself, especially if one is partying or drinking

Don't drive if your too drunk, have someone else take you home.
hey man, arrive alive.
by Lesley June 26, 2004
something that is so fucking shocking
"thats hecksters BIG"
by lesley January 02, 2005
Made popular by the boys of Mater Dei: this word is jsut another variation of cool! or awesome! But there are a lot more ways to use it

when describing someone it basically means theyre the shit or they own etc..
1> I went to the 311 concert, it was SO beast.
2> He is such a beast, he gave me 50 bucks for no reason!
3> I'm the beastliest beast in town.
by Lesley February 20, 2005

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