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2 definitions by Lesbian_Lette

A female, like myself, who finds other females attractive and sexually stimulating. It doesnt alwayz have to be about the sex though. Being a lesbian, one can find love in another females eyes and not think nothing of it. I'm engaged to a female which makes me a lesbian, but I hate when people stereotype us. Both of us are females...that means neither of us try to act or look like fuckin men. what would be the point in lookin and acting like a guy if we are lesbians??
Don't matter if your straight, bisexual or a lesbian, love is love!
by Lesbian_Lette July 27, 2005
Lets clear all this shit up ok? a juggalette dont have to be fat or obnoxious or fucked up. shit im a juggalette and im def. not fat or obnoxious and i dont get fucked up very much any more. The point is, a juggalette is just like any other chik...they stand up for their family...they love the family and the onlly diff. is that they listen and feel music diff. from other bitches. juggalettes, just like juggalos stand up for each other. they are the people that will drive 50 fuckin miles just to bail their homie out of the cell. they are the type of people that would give their lyfe to save their homies. Thats what a juggalette is. so stop dissing on us. we aint never done no shit to your punk asses!
Juggalos and juggalettes alike will do anything for family...remember that bitches!
by Lesbian_Lette July 27, 2005