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many uses, all meaning: good and/or constructive
1: what's goin on tonight?
2: we're gonna have some sake bombs at roguish hamada's.
1: roguish, see you there.


1: where's the best place to get a roguish $0.99 shrimp cocktail in las vegas?
2: at las vegas' most historic hotel, the golden gate. in case you didn't know, it's located at one fremont street and is adjacent to the most spectacular extravaganza in town known as the fremont street experience. if i were in the city now, i would be down there getting a taste of the real las vegas. i don't want the new phony corporate deal, i want the old school experience. since i'm not there right now, i'm gonna log on to goldengatecasino.com and reserve my room immediately while they're still available.
by Les Talent December 01, 2006
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