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1.) N. - The act of straightening a leotard by grasping it above the waist and tugging it downwards decisively.
Upon taking command of the bridge, Jean Luc got comfortable in his seat by performing a Picard maneuver.
by Les Miller September 29, 2007
V. - To bring shame and humiliation on a helpless opponent by repeatedly placing ones scrotum, or nuts in their face or mouth. Also can refer to any act which is intended to mimic this repeated scrotal contact.
Joe was crying tears of frustration and shame when I pistol whipped him and proceeded to teabag his fragged corpse until he respawned.
by Les Miller September 29, 2007
A mobility scooter, or electric wheelchair being used by an obese person for no reason other than that they are wretchedly and disgustingly overweight and terrified of physical activity.
Person A: DAAAAMN...get a load of that fatty rolling along in the meat wagon! She had the nastiest of bodies and was even eating a fried turkey leg!

Person B: Yes, I nearly threw up at the sight of that fatty in the meat wagon. She ought to be walking for exercise and not riding that mobility scooter.
by Les Miller September 29, 2007
n. - the horrible mess created when one passes out so drunk that he or she not only pisses him or herself but poops some as well.
Cindy had to buy new sheets because she made pickles in her old ones after a night of depression induced binge drinking.
by Les Miller September 29, 2007
N. - The bowel movement resulting from desperately refusing to crap for many days while backpacking, being at summer camp, or otherwise lacking access to a reasonable restroom facility.
Arwen cranked out a painful Umatilla after a week, and it was fortunate that she did not need surgery.
by Les Miller September 29, 2007
N. - What becomes of a series of tubes when massive amounts of information are allowed to clog them.
Curses! This massive amount of extraneous information has turned the internet into a dump truck!
by Les Miller September 29, 2007

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