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BETS when you are eating the last things in your cupboard. Macaroni and Cheese w/Hot Dogs. Scrambled Eggs w/Bacon, etc. It's your last meal. You bet your life on it.
I was hungry for some real food but all we had was BETS
by Les B. Labbauf June 05, 2004
The criminal element.
In many urban areas there are large deposits of criminalite to be found.
by Les B. Labbauf June 01, 2004
A hot young woman who is unfortunately married.
Although Les has the Hots for Lisa she has Ring Disease.
by Les B. Labbauf June 04, 2004
A mythical name for a mythical breakfast cereal for a crusty bunch of English Hippies that play trippy music.
Man did you dig that last set by Ozric Tentacles. I was really Kirking on it.
by Les B. Labbauf June 05, 2004
Leaving the scene, your communication is over. One who has either left the scene or has ended his/her conversation.

What Captain Kirk said when he was done speaking with someone on the communicator.
I am kirking
by Les B. Labbauf June 04, 2004
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