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verb: to take a hit from a cashed bowl with the hope that there is enough weed and/or resin in there for it to be worth it.
I don't care if the bowl is cashed i'm gonna try to sneak a hit anyway...shit, it was definitely cashed.
by Leroyjenkins May 03, 2007
a tactic used when smoking weed to make the person ahead of you in the circle hit a cashed bowl. a well-timed fake cough after your hit makes them think the bowl is burning strong, so they will take a strong puff, only to find themselves with a mouth full of ash.
if you ever fall victim to the fake cough, the best option is to execute the double fake cough on the next person in line, thereby making them take an even more cashed hit.

note- someone who likes to sneak a hit may be unaffected by the nastiness of the fake cough.
wait a minute, this bowl is cashed as fuck...the fake cough! i should have known, it was cashed last time i hit it.
by Leroyjenkins May 03, 2007
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