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Used to define an unwanted, one-way conversation which makes you feel dirty and or used afterwards.
Man, I wish they made ear condoms because the new guy just decided to ear rape me about his personal problems.
by Leroy Mansauce July 22, 2009
The unsavory, solid material found in one's saliva after hawking a loogie.
Sheck ish owt! Im bout to pit ish ung chuffle ong uh gye bewowe uh vindow!

Unobstructed Translation: Check this out! I am about to spit this lung truffle on the guy below the window!
by Leroy Mansauce July 22, 2009
The cluster of hair on one's back that looks like a bunch of spiders having a meeting.
Dude, that guy's backfro is so nasty, it looks like he is giving a monkey a piggyback ride.
by Leroy Mansauce September 14, 2009
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