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A fictional medical doctor who smokes enormous amounts of marijuana (see def. of Jenkins) and frequently participates in stoner activities, including, but not limited to: disc golf, ultimate frisbee, hacky sack, hula hooping, devil sticks, juggling, hiking, bungee jumping, hang gliding, baking brownies. He also has a habit of prescribing Xanex to every one of his patients - which is amazing considering he's a chiropractor.
Dude, let's give Dr. Jenkins a call after work. I heard he's cold chillin at the park.
#weed #marijuana #marihuana #pot #grass #dope #fictional
by Leroy Jarmel Jenkins III February 08, 2008
Another term for Marijuana inspired by the last name of the family from the sitcom 227.
I'm Jonesin for some Jenkins real bad.

Oh shit, yo. You got that Jenkins?

Lets get down with the Jenkins, I just got finished making a gravity bong!

Let us be one with the Jenkins.

That bag of Jenkins really fucking stinks.

Did you remember to bring that bag of Jenkins to work today?
#weed #marijuana #marihuana #pot #grass #dope
by Leroy Jarmel Jenkins III February 08, 2008
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