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A term used to describe the phenomenon that occurs when 2 people with entirely different or opposing worldviews humour each other and pretend to be friends. Derived from the wildly successful and prolific "Get a Mac" advertising campaign by Apple, in which John Hodgman and Justin Long play personified versions of a personal computer and a Macintosh computer.
1) Atheist: I totally had to Mac/PC it last night; we had our new neighbors over for dinner and it turns out they're devout Jehovah's Witnesses.

2) Pothead: I went for my job interview today, and my potential new boss mentioned he hates marijuana users. Guess I'll have to Mac/PC it if I get the job!
by Leroy Brown 420 January 30, 2009
1. A brand name of bratwurst sausages, possibly known to some Canadians for their low-budget, ridiculous commercial from around 2005.

2. An extended, more penis-image-conjuring version of the slang word johnson.

Note: another funny sausage name to bastardize by referring to penises is English Banger.
So what I didn't realize last night when that stipper grabbed my Johnsonville Brat was that she was distracting me while she stole my ring and my watch.
by Leroy Brown 420 February 05, 2009
{noun} Short form of vapourizer (vaporizer {US}, vapouriser {UK}). A device that heats a substance (primarily cannabis) to the point that all desired chemical components of that substance are in a gaseous state, so that they may be inhaled.

{verb} vape, vaping, vaped
Ex. I would have bought a vapo by now, but the ones worth owning are too expensive.

Ex. If my physician knew what a vapo was, she'd tell me to use one so I don't get lung cancer.
by Leroy Brown 420 February 04, 2009
Any film which calls itself a documentary, (and probably is, given the technical definition of that genre) but is actually a blatant opinion-piece.
Socialist 1: Did you see Michael Moore's new flick?

Socialist 2: Nah, if I was gonna waste my time watching a docupinionary I'd rather watch that internet movie, Zeitgeist.

Socialist 1: But they are both left wing ideological movies!

Socialist 2: I know, I just hate Michael Moore 'cause he's a fat fuck.
by Leroy Brown 420 January 31, 2009
Acronym for "too hot for facebook".

Said by those wishing to comment on revealing, sexually suggestive, or just plain sexy facebook pictures that they're friends have posted.

Also used as an adjective to refer to photos that are not necessarily on facebook (although likely will be in the near future).

By the way, facebook is the Devil.
facebook photo comment: I think I can see your nipple in this one!! thffb!

casual online/text conversation: Hittin the beach this Saturday :D gonna all kinds of thffb pics!
by Leroy Brown 420 May 26, 2009
To inhale again what one has just exhaled.

Usually used when referring to the smoke of marijuana. Not recommended when using the dryer-sheet-over-the-end-of-a-paper-towel-roll thingy, a.k.a spoof (as said in Oshawa) or silencer (as said in Oakville).
I have like 0.2 geebo's of kron left...looks like we're gonna have to rehale our hits.
by Leroy Brown 420 May 18, 2009
1. The now-defunct rock band. The ultra-pretentious douchebag Jeff Martin announced the end of The Tea Party at a press conference in 2005, allowing his two band-mates of 30 years (Stuart Chatwood, Jeff Burrows) to find out that their careers had been terminated by getting phone calls from journalists.

Once mighty, The Tea Party have fallen off the ends of the Earth, with their songs now only occasionally played on Canadian rock stations to help fulfill the CRTC's Canadian-content regulations. Already, most college and university students have no clue that this band ever existed.

2. To be a Canadian rock band that is hugely successful in Canada and overseas, but compromises their integrity with vain attempts to penetrate the U.S. market.

1. The Tea Party's only #1 hit was Heaven Coming Down.

2. I hope Billy Talent stick to their guns instead of being a Tea Party.
by Leroy Brown 420 February 01, 2009

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