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3 definitions by LeprechaunOD

A group of douches, three or more, that move, behave, drink and act as one big douche. Usually found in clubs, bars and sporting events.
Bar patron 1: "We need to move bars dude. those guys over there are all wearing Tapout tees, white hats and have chinstrap beards."

Bar patron 2: "Yep that's a Douchetroupe in it's natural environment. We don't have a chance if they start ordering shots, yelling at the TV and shouting at women in the bar."

Bar patron 1 and 2 leave
by LeprechaunOD March 01, 2011
When there is snow on the ground your girlfriend takes a handful and packs a lightly dense snowball. She then proceeds to put it in her mouth and give her boyfriend a blow job. The sensation is akin to your girlfriend giving you a bj with an ice cube in her mouth only way more intense.
Tim never forgot the time Tiffany gave him an eskimo blow after the blizzard.
by LeprechaunOD April 08, 2009
Blow Job Lips. A highly desired female/male attribute.
Angelina Jolie has some prime time BJLs.
by LeprechaunOD January 14, 2010