6 definitions by Leprakhan of Tha ALMIGHTY LATIN KING NATION

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a word Latin Kings say 2 show that there in the LK
Amor De Rey 4 life....gayster diksiple killa, two shit killa, and latin kount killa..............

R.I.P. Big Dust 12/14/1979 - 10/12/2001
a term dissin the Gangster Disciples callin them gay...cuz we all kno they is.

Latin Kings and otha people nation gangs say this
Jose-aye mayne fuck them gayster diksiples
Leprakhan-they fuckin pussy bitches
Dust-fuck them they cocksuckin hoes
Ju Ju-they all finna get merked homes

Leprakhan-ALKN FA LIFE
a gun homes its a mothafuckin 22.

it was made by a gun manufacturur
i shot that bitch nigga in the head with my deuce deuce now his ass aint sayin shit no mo

rest in piss Rico g from tha La Razak
you say this if you a rival of the cripz...
bloods started it all
B-Loc_nigga ima go bust they heads
B Krazy_nigga lets go cuz we muthafuckin CRIP KILLaz
B-Loc_Bounty Hunter Bloodz fa life
the only tru ghetto in amerika....fuck shitcago and every other fagget ass city

nigga im from gary indiana so yall aint got shyt on me
5 poppin 6 droppin that dont hav shit 2 do with Bs and Cs.......5 poppin(5 means people nation shootin) 6 droppin(6 droppin means folk nation dyin) Latin Kings say this and so do VLz
Jose-yo mayne aint that tre from the gdsk
Leprakhan- hell yea homes get yo 45. out
5 poppin 6 droppin niggaz
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