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During the 60's a track was produced known as the Amen, which included a 10 second drum loop. This 10 second drum sample changed the modern music industry for ever, it became one of the most noticable and iconic beats in jungle and drum and bass's history.

Percieved to be the forefather of drum and bass and its many sub genres. During the 1990's a new scene was becoming popular; Hardcore, breakcore and rave started to appear regularly in clubs.
However the birth of jungle comes from the illegal warehouse parties themselves, where people where into the hyper melodical piano samples and the high pithched voice of which resembles a hypnotic female cartoon vocalist.

However in 1992, two genres broke of from the rave scene (other genres like breakbeat, techstep, etc were also broken down into seperate genres).
These genres were what we know today as jungle and happy hardcore.

jungle usually afflicts itself with ragga, hip-hop and even happy hardcore ( more genres are included however my resources are limited). The Amen break which is basically the ground or basic beat of jungle has been over produced into several different versions, which funnily enough all versions have alot incommon with each other.

It is said by many that drum and bass is slowly taking over most listeners with its more complex and experimental beats, but still, people say that drum and bass is dieing.

This is far from true, like rave , jungle too seperated into different genres and drum and bass looks like the most dominant one.
" this jungle beat is the BOMB!"
by Leopoi October 24, 2007
As explained by people to have adopted a considerable amount of influence from different genres of music, through the years drum and bass has developed to form its own sub-genres :

Intelligent or Atmospheric
Liquid Funk

Probably one of the most carefully structured and best produced music in the modern world. Many people say that the "drum and bass effect" gives off pleasurable feelings of past blissful memories, makes users somewhat look forward to the future, dear memories of love and passionate relationships, giving off a somewhat uplifting feeling to particular users, who have a bit more of an artistic influence and background, and who dont enjoy the musical rape of 50 cent and other "big" rnb , mainstream hip-hop artists.

In conclusion: Drum and bass has come a long way, affecting millions of listeners throughout the globe, it hasn't even started to spread its sphere of influence. People who have hearts, people who think twice and people who actually know what music productions is mostly about. All in all bless the bassheads.
"I enjoyed that drum and bass party bru"

by Leopoi October 24, 2007

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