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What the terrorists say in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.
Terrorist 1: AC 130 above!

Terrorist 2: Bring it down!

Terrorist 1: Fuk yo mudda!
by Leonardo, NJ February 25, 2010
The usually red stain on the upper lip from Kool Aid that resembles a moustache. It usually is shaped in a semi-circle fashion due to the shape of the cup and looks like the Pringles Guy's moustache. While it is acceptable on children if a person over 11 has one they should live in complete shame.
Kenny: Dude is that a Kool Aid Moustache on your lip Alex?

Alex: No, its just a mark I got earlier.

Kenny: Bullshit, your 20 years old and you still haven't learned to drink from a glass you dumbass.
by Leonardo, NJ July 17, 2010
Pronounced Google Maps-ed

When Google Maps gives you bogus directions or tells a store is somewhere it is not.
Guy 1: Dude I looked for Wienerschnitzel for like thirty minutes before I realized that it wasn't where Google said it was.

Guy 2: Dude you just got full on Google Mapsed!
by Leonardo, NJ February 21, 2010
Essentially a jackass, another instance of black people taking a normal word and making it impossible for any white person to understand, comprehend, or say.
Jamal: Yo man I picked up that gram you wanted.
LeSean: Damn you Jaccamass I told you a fukn eighth!
Jamal: Awwww Damn son.
by leonardo, nj December 10, 2010

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