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Cajun for snow, (generally "eaux" = "o")
Down in the swamps we seldom get any sneaux.
by leonard October 02, 2003
it is a dude from airsoft NZ...
"hey look - its wege, wege has a gun"
by Leonard December 26, 2004
An Australian term used to decribe a person with a mental illness or a person with sub-normal intelligence.

Commonly used as an insult to somebody, who is ignorant of a particular thing.
" You havn't got a clue ... you bloody Juzwooza"
by Leonard February 26, 2005
multiple guys using their tounges to give a girl the proper cleaning she deserves.
The guys and i gave Bree the First and best car wash. Not only was she clean she enjoyed it.
by Leonard March 19, 2005
Rotten semen (jizz,cum,nut,)Stinky dick and balls
Damn you must have smega.
by leonard March 28, 2005
there is only one pi in doyles
by Leonard April 23, 2005
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