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3 definitions by LeonBrooke

When you understand what someone is saying i.e Skeen but you know they are chatting bullshit !
''I beat up 3 guys last night coz they looked at me funny''

''Oh bulskeen''
by LeonBrooke January 31, 2009
A woman who has amazing tits but dresses like a slut and looks a bit dirty!
''Damn look at those Skanktits they are BIG''

''But they are big as she is ugly''
by Leonbrooke January 31, 2009
Small Angry Man Syndrome.
A person who is angry because they are small in statue but do not accept this as their reason for anger and instead blame other factors.
Steph''your mate just hit that guy for no reason''

Lee''Yeh hes a stereotypical SAMS''
by LeonBrooke January 31, 2009