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Word used to describe a person who looks rough, in a state of disarray, or as if they were enslaved.
1.) With his tattered outfit and nappy hair, John was looking slavely.
2.) Dave hadn't cut his hair or shaved in a couple of weeks, and was looking quite slavely
by Leon88 December 05, 2007
Abbreviation for Business Over Pleasure as used in DMV's Lost Tribe song B.O.P. (business over pleasure). It is used as a play on words associating the abbreviation with the other definition for bop which is a blowjob.
Did you hear Lost Tribe's new song, B.O.P.

Is Lost Tribe's new song B.O.P. about the bop?
by Leon88 June 02, 2009
A word used to describe a girl or woman who has a lot of meat on her bones, but looks good with it. An equal combination of fat and phat.
1.)Lil Kim is looking a little ploopy.
2.) I got a thing for ploopy women.
by Leon88 December 05, 2007

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