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A piece of shit censoring, filtering, hungry, piece of shit government.

China = need a violent revolution. CHina = the most conformist math-worshipping country in the world. Math = conformity = less threat to the conformist government that art.

This is why math is encouraged. I gurantee if Chinese schools had Philosiphy class, China would have its ass kicked. But no, we have a conformity class disguised as math.

Chinese government official = need his ass kicked. I would would feel no remorse messing up and killin one of these guys.

Chinese person = stop being a fucking ignorant conformist idiot. You need to stop accepting and start rebelling you conformist idiot piee of shit.

And this is from a Chinese person.
Chinese Government = piece of shit.
#chinese #government #piece #shit #vegetable
by Leon Li October 06, 2007
a youtube account with a semi-famous video of a Chinese emo kid that cuts off his hand. The video has since recieved over ten thousand hits.

yumyumshisha: ahh! I cut off my hand!
#chinese #poser #emo #crazy #punk #hardcore
by Leon Li September 16, 2007
The video by yumyumshisha shows a Chinese Emo, or Chemo.
#chemo #chinese #emo #asian #hand
by Leon Li September 16, 2007
Sometimes Chinese people get fed up with their parents and life. A Chinese Emo.

This is the result: www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tcm5sSXg9ao
Chi-mo: OH MY GOD! I cut off my hand!
#chi-mo #chinese #emo #yumyumshisha #asian
by Leon Li September 16, 2007
Americans are naive.
The Naive American citizen voted for George W. Bush.
#foreigners #know #more #about #america #than #americans
by Leon Li October 21, 2007
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