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2 definitions by LeoDeSafo

The language that rappers use on their lyrics, though it may not make sense to you it makes sense to them.
*Listening to Eli Porter* Yea, I got one question man, "tell me who's next?"
This nigga soft nothin' nigga who done gettin' the best
See I'm the best mayne... I DEED IT.

Jimmy: What does that even mean?

Chazz: Nobody knows what it means, It's rapanese.
by LeoDeSafo February 28, 2012
swag·ger·dose/ˈswagərdohs/ Verb: When someone has swagger juice dripping from them, and are/is looking better than anyone in the room.
Bride - You did not just come to my wedding all swaggerdosed did you?

Skank - This is what I wear to church.

Bride - You don't wear panties when you go to church?!
by LeoDeSafo February 21, 2012