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The origins of the Yuma Yummy:

In 1978, the USMC identified a need to train its aviators in the six major functions of Marine aviation. Thus, in 1985, the first Weapons Tactics Instructors course (WTI) was conducted at MCAS Yuma in order to hone the skills of USMC avaition units. Conducting this training required over 2,000 Marines to decend annually upon the beautiful village of Yuma, AZ during the month of October.

Enter the Yummies:

Several years after the first of these WTI training evolutions passed, word began to spread among an obese, low income, and morally corrupt segment of the Yuma female population that October is prime time to hit the bars. Over the last two decades these women have preyed upon drunken lonely Marines.

Why Yummies?

The name Yuma Yummies has become popular because of its poetic use of alliteration, the fact that Yummies are similar in composition to Gummy Bears, as well as the obvious fact that Yummies are not yummy at all, but heinous half-human, half-bovine creatures with low self-respect and even lower centers of gravity.
Yuma Yummies usually travel in herds, can be seen at local watering holes such as Jimmy Deans and Applebees. Oblivious to their large size, they receive their confidence from the knowledge that every year will bring a new crop of Marines.
by Leo the Lion October 19, 2007

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