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An extension of just the simple 80s Baby phrase. It gives a clear indication that people born in the 1980s, also grew up in the 90s, thereby acquiring all things culture in both decades.

Also a poem written by Leo Pindar in 2005
Dude, you remember Street Fighter?

Hell ya son. I'm an 80s Baby 90s Child.
#80sbaby90schild #80sbaby #80s baby #90sbaby #90s baby #poem.
by Leo Pindar July 22, 2010
The thematic title to a particular person(s) 28th Birthday Party. Similar to when an individual reaches the age of 30, that occasion being dubbed "Dirty 30", this is for those individuals celebrating their 28th birthday, ESPECIALLY should they possess the character and aesthetics as a late-teen or early-twenty-something.
Hey dude, I heard it's your birthday.


How old are you now?


Nooo waaay, it's your Still Looking Jail Bait 28.


Two mores years to the Dirty 30.

Yeaah (Le sad).
#jail bait #birthday #young #teen #20-something
by Leo Pindar October 26, 2011
It is a "fuck" that is bound by large bodies of water. It is the sister "fuck" to the "flying fuck".

It is a noun; used when conveying how much you could care less about a particular scenario/incident/person.
Dude 1: Brah, let's play some golf

Dude 2: Bro, I couldn't give a swimming fuck about golf and it's shitty wide array of different clubs.
#flying fuck #fuck #bodies of water #lake #sea #ocean
by Leo Pindar September 24, 2011
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