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A Hip-Hop Representative For Manistee Michigan Very Skilled in His Musical Craft's, as well as a veteran of the Metal Scene Completely Fearless on a Microphone... Produced His Own CD in 2008 Entitled "bALL's Deep" With Collaborations From Class act's Like ElementArie's, M2K, T Pavia, and B-Ball...
Fluent With Both Acoustic and Electric Guitars, The Bass, Keyboards/Pianos, Drums, Music Production and Sound Engineering, From Start To Finish, Sampling, Foley Audio, Reason 4.0, Fruity Loops, Pro Tools, Audacity and a master of Both Sober and Drunken Poetry... it would be safe to say that He's Easy on Your Ears.
Shnikee's Thats One Wicked Emcee that "Bustin Nutin" what a Vocab...
by Leo Lenny April 17, 2009

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