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1 definition by Leo Humphries

1. Excalmation

2. To "give some one a gingernut" often means "have sex with"

3. To "have a gingernut" means to "chill out" or "relax"

4. Used in a friendly greeting

5. Used to replace a swearword

6. A type of biscuit (which does not, in fact, contain any nuts)
1. "Holy gingernut!"

2. "Cor she is hot"
"Yeah I'd give her a gingernut"

3. "Chill out, have a gingernut and drop the gun"

4. "Hey wassup?"
"Hey fancy a gingernut?"

5. "I'm Gingerutting Gingernutted off at the moment, and I feel like Gingernut"

6. "This is one tasty gingernut"
by Leo Humphries May 21, 2006