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An extreme chemical reaction in the brain, resulting from an intellectual discovery or thought, which mimics an orgasim in the body.

*The term distant relative is "Cognitive Disequilibriun" which was founded by development psychologist, Jean Piaget
I just had a cognitive orgasm when I heard that scientists found anti matter utilizing the Hadron Collider
by Lenny Klever April 12, 2011
Having deep seeded anger toward an object or person or situation.
I was incrimsic over the fact that I had to go all the way back to the store for my credit card.
by Lenny Klever August 16, 2011
Having differences which mutually exceed one another; differences that surpass one another.
When it came to the question of comparing our intelligence, we both had ourbetter differences.

During a political debate, Obama and Romney can be seen to have better differences.
by Lenny Klever October 04, 2011
One who has half Irish and half Italian ethnicity and lives in America.
"I’m a Hybrid American, so be careful, I know how to eat and drink."
by Lenny Klever November 13, 2011
A truth that varies with time and circumstance thus being true at one time and not true at another.
It is an irregular truth that Pluto is a Planet.
by Lenny Klever October 10, 2011

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