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If anyone on any social site does not have a picture of themselves, its automatically means they are fat and ugly
guy 1- hey man i just met this girl over webcam
guy 2- how did she look?
guy 1- well her webcam was off
guy 2- Rule 10 bro

guy 2- hey bro i been talking to this girl on a social network site, we might meet up soon
guy 1- nice, man. she good looking?
guy 2- well i haven't seen a picture of her... we wanted to keep it like that til the day we meet
guy 1- rule 10 bro
by Lendeezy January 26, 2012
Reevee- also known as "reeveeing it" or "Doing the reevee" its when someone who had a little to much more to drink or smoke a little to much weed and just stand there and do nothing, just like christopher reeve (christopher reeve is how reevee came to be)
guy 1- look at guy 2, guy 3
guy 3- damn guy 2 is really reeveeing it
by lendeezy July 13, 2011

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