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A term used to describe a movie that sacrifices the traditional film-making concepts such as good acting, character development, production values, creative directing and an understandable plot outline in favor for sex, gore, nudity, violence and other shocking themes.
The term originates from the word used to describe theatres that were known to screen such movies.
The term has now been repopularized through Quentin Tarantino & Robert Rodriguez movie using that particular name.
Dude 1: "Dude, would you be so kind as to pass me that grindhouse-dvd over there?"
Dude 2: "Which one? Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Thriller, Cannibal Holocaust, The Beyond, I Spit On Your Grave, Last House On the Left, The Big Bird Cage, I Drink Your Blood, Bloodsucking Freaks, The Toolbox Murders, Superfly, Blacula, Dr.Blackenstein, Zombi Flesh Eaters, Virus, Mondo Cannibale, Porn Holocaust, Faster Pussycat Kill Kill, Supervixens, Beneath the Valley of the Ultra-Vixens, The Illsa Trilogy Box or the various Emanuelle flicks with Laura Gemser?"
by Lench Mob December 12, 2006
A handgun. As seen on the 7th episode of Drawn Together's third season. Used by Captain Hero to intimidate mystery-solving musician Foxxy Love.
"Oh my god! Het gots a puerto rican credit card!"
by Lench Mob December 12, 2006
When a large angry mob takes justice into their own hands. Usually ends with somebody getting hanged, torched or pitchfork'd. A common method of dispensing justice in the more rural areas of a country.
"Dude, you see the dude hanging from the tree over there?
They went mob justice on his buttocks!"
by Lench Mob December 12, 2006
The act of hanging upside down and drinking an alcohol-containing substance at the same time.
Dude 1: "Dude, why you hanging there with a beer in you hand?"
Dude 2: "I'm preparing for the wicked act of monkey chugging."
by Lench Mob December 12, 2006
A tennessee mouthwash is any drink containing any amount of tennessee whisky.
Dude 1: "Dude what are you drinking?"
Dude 2: "Jack Daniels and Coke aka a delicious tennessee mouthwash!"
by Lench Mob December 12, 2006
1. A person which owns a brewery.

2. A person that can chug the lug like no other.
1. "Dude, you just inherited a brewery. That makes you a brewmeister."

2. "Dude, you drink like there's no tomorrow. You truly are a brewmeister!!!"
by Lench Mob December 12, 2006
The act of accumulating fresh knowledge by means of using the wikipedia search engine.
Dude 1: "Do you know who Sian Elias is?"
Dude 2: "He's the boss judge of New Zealand. I know cuz I wikipedized his ass!"
by Lench Mob December 12, 2006

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