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These carnivorous creatures lack friends, and make themselves look really good because they also lack self-esteem. These creatures know that they are Plebs and thus they don't change. They feed on the penises of teachers, being massive arse-kissers. If they get detentions then their lives are over, then contemplate suicide.

Some Plebosaurus-Rexes do commit suicide and even the family members will dance on their overly-wide graves. Life is better this way as scientists like Steven Hawking know their threat on the popularity of others while P-Rexes are in a close proximity. Steven, and millions of others like me, want P-Rexes to be extinct from the planet as they are a large danger to humanity.
Chris: Lol, I just owned him on facebook! Look how popular I am, Imaginary Friend!
Spencer: Don't be a Plebosaurus-Rex, Chris!

Chris: Oh no! A detention! Why!! My life is RUINED!! I'm always licking Mr. Lavender's arse!
Lewis: You're such a Plebosaurus-Rex.
by LemonyStuff February 04, 2011
A chav that dresses up like Dappy from N-Dubz and stabs people with a handmade knife

Ridiculous + Shank + Dappy = Rishankulous
Mike: "Eh! That bloke over there looks rishankulous!"
Chav: "Oi mate! i'll like totally shank you blud! How do i look like that tool, mate?"
Dappy: "Oh, me? Dont be mean mate!"
Chav: "'Ooh 'a you callin' mate, mate!"
Dappy: "I ain't callin' you mate, mate!"
Chav: "A'right, mate! i'll shank ya blud!"
Mike: "AAAaaaAAAaaaAAAaaaAAA!!! A rishankulous fight!!"
Dappy + Chav: "'Ooh 'a you callin' rishankulous, mate?"
by LemonyStuff September 04, 2009
1. A Whale that has spermaceti in his head, not sperm

2. A fat man who masturbates for a total of 24 hours in a fortnight (that may not seem like alot but remember that it's a TOTAL of 24hrs. Thats alot) and spews bucket loads of semen
Dave: "Woah! That guy is fat!!"
Bill: "Yeah, but his hands are covered in milk!"
Dave: "Umm... That's not milk, Bill. That's cum"
Bill: "What a Sperm Whale!"
Dave: "Bill, what's that mean, he's a Human!"
Bill: "Oh, it's a word that LemonyStuff invented."
Dave: "Woah, it all makes sense now!"
by LemonyStuff September 04, 2009
If somebody sells you bad weed, this will sometimes be lavender spray-painted green. You'll stupidly accept this cheap pot, without smelling it's lovely, lavender-like scent.

If you're sold this at school, you will stupidly tell everybody that you smoke lavender. Lavender is often accused as a gay thing, and smoking gay things might make you appear homosexual.

Smoking lavender is uncool, and people will spread this fact and you'll become sad. So kids, don't smoke lavender!
Josh: Hey, bring some booze and we'll get jungled with my Lavender! I'm gonna get so high when I'm smoking lavender!
by LemonyStuff February 04, 2011

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