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An awful attempt to spell the word jealous.
For an example of the word 'jelious' being used in a Tag, please visit Zezima.
by Lemon Bear May 07, 2006
A song by the industrial metal group Nine Inch Nails, all credits to Trent Reznor.

TheThe video for Happiness In Slavery features performance artist Bob Flanagan ritualistically washing himself and removing all of his clothing before strapping himself into a machine that subsequently tortures, rapes and kills him. Meanwhile, Trent Reznor watches and screams the lyrics from behind a metal gate, which opens at the end of the video, leaving Trent to enter the room himself. The video was universally banned. All footage in the video was real, except for the final killing of Flanagan, as Flanagan often fought the pain of cystic fibrosis by inflicting malicious damage on his own body.

The song, released only on 12" promotional single and the EP "Fixed" (Otherwise known as Halo 5) was not however released on CD and does therefore not have its own Halo Number. Although promotional CD containing only the track as it appears on the Broken EP was released, this too had no Halo Number
Happiness in Slavery
by Lemon Bear May 08, 2006
The result of a failed attempt made by someone with only a vague idea of what the 'English Language' actually is.

Easily notable as not a typo error, as a typo is still readable in normal language. No, one who is an awful misspeller actually has no idea whatsoever how that word should be, and will try and write phoenetically.
For many interesting examples of Awful Misspellings, please visit a special school, for special children.

by Lemon Bear May 07, 2006
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