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This is a temporary mood. Its a mood where a person literally does'nt give a rusty fuck about anything you've got to say!
David: Dude, I've got the worst Life ever... my job is shit, i cant sleep, I eat too much.....
Levi: all i hear is BLAH BLAH BLA BLAH... I'm stikerboeg!
by Leisher October 15, 2010
A dare that is done without hesitation no matter how harsh it might be, as long as there is at least 10 cents payment for the dare required.
Levi: "Hey man, I got an Aaron Dare for you... I will give you 20 cents if ya pull your dick out and shove it in that old ladys mouth! what ya say?"

Donald: "Deal!"

(26 seconds later Donalds Dick is in Granny Margrate's mouth.)
by Leisher October 17, 2010
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