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2 definitions by Leilita

Really, many people claim that Allah is just an Arabian term for God. Actually, it is. But it's not that simple, see? The dictionaries are all about different meanings. So: Common meaning in this time in non-arabic countries is that it reffers to the Moslim God, who IS different - at least the moslim's view is really different from Christians' and Jews'! Christians believe, that Jesus is God, Jews don't take Him at all, Moslims don't take him as God but just as one of the prophets. So - the Christians' God is not the same as Moslims' - He is Jesus, who sacrificed and resurrected - I am not Jew but I think their view of God is really different, too.
Allah! What I've done to deserve this?
by Leilita September 05, 2008
it's sort of traffic lights in Berlin. They have all kinds of stuff shaped like him, girl ampelmann, ampelmann sweets, ampelmann umbrellas, ampelmann T-shirts, ampelmann gingerbreadmen...
I'm gonna get some Ampelmann souvenirs.

Mum will surely like them.
by Leilita September 05, 2008