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Douche, spelled in 1337.
God, AOL is such a d00sh.
by Leiko October 06, 2004
A theme park in Doswell, Virginia.
Used to be good, before the Paramount took over, in the early '90s, taking away our precious Season Pass Holder gates, and putting gay restrictions in.
I've gone to Kings Dominion for almost every single birthday I've had since my first. w00t.
by Leiko October 06, 2004
Red Dragon Inn. Another gay AOL roleplay chat. Actually, there are two. One is harder to find, by not by much. Perhaps AOL Admin screwed up when they were making them. Overrun by more ch00bs and n00bs than Kuni no Yume.
Kouncaeya: Let's go to RDI.
Satu: Hell no.
Leiko: Yeah. Kuni no Yume is better than that, and that's saying something.
by Leiko October 03, 2004
Word that Leiko says often, related to Confuzzled. It is a state of confusion and puzzlement, but said in a cute way.
Mrs. Cralle: Blah, pythagorean theorem, blah blah Segment-Addition Postulate, blah blah, blah, etc.
Random Junior: Uh...
Random Junior 2: Lyk...wat?
Luca: Those dumbasses...xD
Jenn: I ish confwoozled!
by Leiko October 05, 2004
Also spelled Mesisim, Mezism.
Random word Leiko (Moi) Created from Mezu.
Kate: HI ALI!?!!!!!!11!!!11
Ali: +Hyper, spastic, bouncing off the walls.+ Mezisim!!!
by Leiko October 02, 2004
Even better than Magical Ramen Noodles. The spelling and the flavor. w00t.
Yes, damn it. Majickal. Phwee!
by Leiko October 07, 2004
Friend of Leiko's. Also, was a servant to Leiko for a short time, in exchange for training, which she never recieved.
Oi...so very guilible. xD
by Leiko October 05, 2004

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