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1) A piano-like instrument, commonly found in churches.
2) A mass of tissue, (No, not Puffs, you dumbass.) bunched together and whatnot. Didn't you pay attention in Life Science?
3) Slang term for a guy's manhood.
...no examples for 1 and 2, but:

"It's nice to have roses on your piano,
but nicer to have tulips on your organ."

...wtf. Where did I hear that? xD
by Leiko October 05, 2004
The most kick-ass ride at Paramount's King's Dominion in Doswell, Virginia.
The Flight of Fear 0wnz the Volcano...and will always 0wn the Volcano, and any other ride in that park.
by Leiko October 06, 2004
One who tastes blood, then goes insane with the passion to kill; To commit mass genocide.
Excellent, if you ask me. Wish I was one...
by Leiko October 02, 2004
Word created by Satu\Emiko\whatever from the pink AOL SuperBuddy Kitten who says, "MEZZAH...!" From which she also made Meza.
Jenn: Hi Kate.
Kate: ...Mezu!
by Leiko October 02, 2004
(Or something to the effect.) Weird form of...Rawr, made by Kouncaeya.
"I asked Jenn a question, and she was all, 'Rezoar, s0n.'
by Leiko October 02, 2004
Ch00bs are FAR worse than n00bs, and when you spot one, you are to immediately snipe it, point-blank, on site.
Random Kagome Clone: Omg u all lets RP!?!!?!!11!!!!!
Leiko (That would be moi...): ...
DigitalKid2009: omg u all r fags rollplaing id gay just lyk ur mom hu i f**ked last nyt.
Leiko: Why the fuck am I in here, all these goddamn ch00bs...
by Leiko October 02, 2004
Dh00m is the 1337 spelling of Doom Hm...the eighth definition of Doom seemed to be somewhat accurate.
Worship Dh00m. Little Susy did not worship Dh00m, and she got 0wned.
by Leiko October 02, 2004

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