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Like give'r, but with a stronger meaning.
"Holy shit we've only got an hour left! No more pussyfottin' around, we gotta give'r green river!"
by Leigh Steele September 12, 2006
Used in Yorkton, Saskatchewan. Used before a verb or an adjective to mean "really, very, totally, etc."

Variation: wicked rank
Ace Ventura Pet Detective is wicked awesome! This book wicked sucks. It's wicked retarded. Travis wicked wants on Janine. This winter's been wicked cold so far. Somebody wicked wiped out on the icy sidewalk in front of my house and I laughed wicked hard at them.

Terri got a wicked rank sunburn at Kenosee, she forgot to put any sunscreen on and it was wicked hot out all day.
by Leigh Steele September 12, 2006

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