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Someone who is so badass that they eat badass people for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Guy 1:Dude i just had a 3 course meal consisting of a badass, along with another badass, and a dessert of badass soufle.

Guy 2:Your a total badassitarian...and a cannibal.
by Leigh P October 22, 2008
a euphemism for the female vagina (as opposed to the male).
Guy 1: dude did you see her vagina?

Guy 2: no just her kinkus
by Leigh P October 23, 2008
An acronym for Whiny Ass Pussy. It can be added to the end of a name to designate that person as being a WAP, or of having a generally wappy attitude. Essentially it as an extreme form of bitching. It can be modified to reflect almost any part of the English language (noun, verb, adjective, etc.)
(LAP-WAP punches D-WAP in the stomach.)
D-WAP:Oh I'm done, I'm done, I can barely breathe. My stomach hurts so bad.
by Leigh P October 22, 2008

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