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60's to '70's psychedelic word meaning excellent, fantastic. Probably came from the phrase "out of sight".
"That black light is outasite, man!"
by Leigh Crutchfield May 26, 2006
A manufacturing plant in Mexico usually near the US international border owned by outside interests that uses foreign parts for assembly, and then immediately ships the finished product back out of the country for sale elsewhere. Also, a brightly painted or extravagantly detailed vehicle usually owned by a person of Hispanic origin.
"Sir, I'm sure we can save you lots of manufacturing and labor costs by making this at our maquiladora south of the border."

"Why don't you pass that maquiladora van up ahead?"
by Leigh Crutchfield May 26, 2006
A HUGE SUV, RV or a 4x4 pickup truck jacked up with gigantic tires, usually with a pint sized bearded male driver or a soccer mom with a cell phone attached to her ear at the steering wheel.
" OMG, look at that ridiculous behemoth lumbering by!" (insert hilarious laughter here)
by Leigh Crutchfield May 26, 2006

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