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to defecate in the shower and then proceed to try to stomp it down the drain with your foot
In a hurry to cover up the evidence, she waffle stomped.
by Leia Nelson May 18, 2005
a lazy person; one who dislikes work
Monty Burns calls Homer Simpson a slugabed
by Leia Nelson May 18, 2005
how venezuelans say mutha fucka
Chavez is a fucka mutha!!
by Leia Nelson June 06, 2005
A primarily white action(ex: golf or watching dog shows)done occasionally by ethnic people.
Jose and Darnell caucasionally watch figure skating, but only for the outfits.
by Leia Nelson June 06, 2005
(ra-goat-ay) english translation: rat-stache
One who is rodentious and has a pre- pubescent latino boy's upper lip mouse fuzz
The sleazy pimp stroked his ragote as he hearded the hoes down the riviera
by Leia Nelson May 18, 2005
a cavity search conducted in Canada
at the Quebec customs we were afraid the Frenchies were gonna give us brown willies
by Leia Nelson May 23, 2005
Led to be believed a worm after having experienced psychodelic feelings under an oxygen resticting pile of large waffles.
"I've been codshat! Now I'm being podshat?!"
by Leia Nelson May 24, 2005

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