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emaciated small asian concubine, occassionally drips slime off of body. Loves to violate animals of all kinds ranging from trolls to insects.
Distinguishing characteristics:
1. Loves to run around without pants
2. Has dry chapped skin usually covered in Cetaphil
3. Has extremely ugly face contortions
4. Has frisky hands
5. Enjoys small dogs, especially ones that can't get away
6. Emaciated.
However, Captain fugly has the occassional nice..ness...
which makes her very loveable and cuddly...if you want to start bleeding.
Also answers to the name:
Captain foogly

No seriously shes cool.

If you kiss captain fugly you will get explosive diarrhea.
by Lehsah December 07, 2007
noun- Whore, derogatory way of saying slutty mcslut slut slut
verb- to sell your body, specifically in the streets of New York,
" To cost a Lehsah"- meaning, to cost less than a penny,
" Sale price "Lehsah"": Meaning, to buy a whore for life for only a dollar.

" LEHSAH FLOSSY"- fergie song, insert Lehsah.
Hey you lehsah! do you take coupons?
by Lehsah December 07, 2007

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