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THE FIELD is to Bergen County what the LES used to be to Manhattan. Big dicks, big hair, big attitude make this vibrant, boisterous, yet surprisingly well-heeled community easily recognizable from the rest of bland, uncharacteristic Bergen County. 167X, all aboard!
Hedge Funder from Wharton: I just closed on a unit in NoLiTa.

Colleague: Sucker, I just closed in Bergenfield. It's 20 minutes into the city and has an authentic New York flavor that Manhattan severely lacks, post-Giuliani administration. Next time you go back to the Midwest to collect rent check from daddy, why don't you stay there for good? Or might as well shack up in Franklin Lakes with the rest of your predictable cohorts, once your mail order bride has shipped in to hide the fact that you secretly want me to fistpound your ass. How'd you even get hired with this firm? I only hate you because you're too stupid to hate yourself.
by Lehman Brothers May 30, 2007
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