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Metapod, a dud pokemon. This pokemon just sits there and all he can do is harden. This pokemon defies the laws of physics to stand up considering its crescent shape.
You have just caught a Metapod.
Metapod was tossed away. (Set "Free")
by Legs You Legend October 28, 2009
Rattata, a usually always Lvl 3 piece of shit pokemon. It is always is the starting areas and they come up out of nowhere to fight you. No-one shows this pokemon respect as it is a weasel rat.
A Rattata appeared!

Gamer : Yeah...no. (Runs Away)
by Legs You Legend October 29, 2009
Abra, a pussy pokemon. The only move it has is Teleport and is hard to catch.
Abra has used teleport!

Gamer : Fuck sake!
by Legs You Legend October 28, 2009
Pichu, a pathetic pre-evolution form of the awesome Pikachu.

You can tell that they are running out of ideas when the writers say "Lets make a new pokemon, it will be like pickachu...BUT SMALLER!"

A Pichu appeared!

Why does this pokemon exist?
by Legs You Legend October 28, 2009
A shitty pokemon hatched from an egg and doesnt have any good moves.
1. Ash just received an egg. Omg, the egg is hatching!

Togepi? What the fuck is this! All this pokemon can do is metronome - WHO THE FUCK USES METRONOME
by Legs You Legend October 28, 2009
Voltorb, this pokemon is a giant dick. Your pokemon with own it, but is has the move 'Self - Destruct' and can easily wipe out one of your pokemon.
Voltorb used self - destruct, Pickachu fainted!

Gamer : Mother Fucker!
by Legs You Legend October 28, 2009
Dragonite, this pokemon is the pre-evolution of Dragonair, unfortunatley, to own this bad-boy, you have to capture a Dratini and train up a shit-load of levels till you get the almighty Dragonite. Do watch out for its Hyper Beam move, as it will fuck you up royal.
Your Dragonair just evolved to a Dragonite!

Gamer : Shit yeah! Get out of my way niggers or I will Hyper Beam yo ass!
by Legs You Legend October 29, 2009
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