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(adj) 1: the quality of being extremely FAIL
2: the quality of being generally bad, an antonym of terrific
1: *juggler unsuccessfully attempts to juggle three balls*
Guy: that was failurific.
2: *tree falls on guy's house*
Guy: failurific.
by Legitimate Atheist June 10, 2009
1. A man who works in the Vatican, esp. as an assistant to the Pope.
2. The most epic superhero ever.
1. Man 1: Is that a Cardinal?
Man 2: No, it's just a Pope-man. You can tell if you are looking at a Cardinal by the hat that they wear.

2. Man: Look! It's Pope-man and Cardinal!
by Legitimate Atheist June 11, 2009
(adj) The quality of being foolish or ignorant concerning a cause to the point where one detracts from the strength of the cause.
Intelligent Theist: I know that neither of you believe in God, but perhaps I can convince you otherwise.

Athy Person: I'm athiest! I know that the bible is false and that there is no God. SCIENCE proves it, so it must be true! I don't need to talk about it, my faith lies in SCIENCE.

Legitimate Atheist: Yes, you are quite athy (speaking to Athy Person). I would love to discuss religion with you (speaking to Theist).

Athy Person: Thank you.
by Legitimate Atheist May 25, 2009
The origin of normality (see mill, run of).
Guy 1: Look! A casino!

Guy 2: Honestly, that's pretty run-of-the-mill here in Las Vegas/Atlantic City.
by Legitimate Atheist May 31, 2009
1. An extreme atheist, one who has unshakable faith in the absence of God,

2. one who is very athy with regards to atheism.
Theist: But how can you live your life without faith?

Antitheist: Of course I have faith! I live with my faith that there is no God! Shut up! Go to Hell!

Legitimate Atheist: No wonder nobody likes atheists...
by Legitimate Atheist May 25, 2009
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