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Herpetologist, Producer and Right-hand Ninja on "Wild Recon" - only on Animal Planet. Behind the scenes hilarious! All work and all play, always.

Silent, but deadly. Quick and dodges pain. Ready to accept anything it takes to send his message across and educate. Loves Life. Devon Massyn = Mystery. South African born and raised.
Devon Massyn and Donald Schultz = WHITE NOISE! BOOM!

Devon Massyn will never hit a girl unless she's a zombie.

Devon Massyn will jedi-mind trick you and exhaust you with his strength and deadly quick ninja reflexes.

Devon Massyn, sips coffee, works hard and contemplates world domination all at once. Always.
by LegitEarthLove March 15, 2010
White noise refers to animal experts/herpetologists "Donald Schultz" and "Devon Massyn" from "WILD RECON."
They bring the white noise when they come around. Whether it be from fans or the hiss of a deadly animal... preferably a venomous snake... it's bound to blow up South African style!
Their adventures are a constant background noise and the message drowns out other sounds, meaningless or distracting commotion or chatter! White Noise!

Die Living, White Noise!
White noise is coming! BOOM!
Wild Recon, White Noise!
Anteater Rematch, White Noise!
White Noise! Don't Litter Kids!
by LegitEarthLove March 16, 2010
Host of Wild Recon. "He travels the world tracking down rare, deadly animals. Herpetologist, animal expert, and adrenaline junkie." Cutting edge research labs call on him to retrieve biological samples. This isn't a stunt, it's his job!
Donald Schultz. He's White Noise! Boom!

Donald Schultz, bounty hunter for animal samples used for medical research.

Donald Schultz raised awareness for snakebite victims and aids AVRI: Animal-Venom Research International & Viper Institute in Venom in Vegas.
by LegitEarthLove March 16, 2010
One who posesses Ninja characteristics, jedi powers and the skills of a true gangstah. In hopes of world domination, they recruit a clan, make a no-fail plan and subliminaly mind-freak you. It's not a trend... it's a life style.
"Who says herpetologists can't be ninja gangstah?"
-Devon Massyn

see Devon Massyn
see Die Antwoord
by LegitEarthLove June 25, 2010

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