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1. Computer network: cyberspace
2. To have non-contact sexual oritentation through cyberspace with another
After connecting his computer to the *cyber* world, he was excited about *cyber*ing with a female in the Yahoo! chatrooms.
by Legato Bluesummers November 04, 2003
1. A person of ignorance or arrogance
2. The KKK
3. A person who thinks they know something and refuses to accept the truth of their knowledge
You are a fuckin dumbass!
by Legato Bluesummers November 04, 2003
The psycho-brother of Vah the Stampede, and a completely genocidal egomaniac.
Millions Knives, champion of the Gung-Ho-Guns, triumphs once again in a completely devastational assault on mankind.
by Legato Bluesummers November 03, 2003
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