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The acting slapping someone square on the vagina with the backside of your hand. The slapper's hand must be held vertically and loosely.

To perform the virginia slap CORRECTLY:

1. Position yourself with a clear shot at the slappee's vagina.

2. Make sure that your forearm is vertical and the back of your hand is facing the vagina you intend to slap.

3. Quickly snap your arm/wrist forward and let your hand smack the vagina. A sharp sound should resonate (a FUPA, however, may result in more of a dull thud).

4. One usually utters, "Virigina..." before committing this act. Yelling, "SLAP!" as you slap the vagina is slightly less common.

Oddly enough, this phrase originated in Connecticut.

Note - The Virigina Slap can also be performed with a spanking motion from the side. Different positioning is needed for this.
Bethany was bored by her inexperienced new boyfriend. Thinking back on her old relationship with Dave, she craved the aggressiveness his sweaty, late-night Virginia Slaps.
by Lefty Stroker January 01, 2011
The ability to jack off equally well with one's left and right hands. A play on the word "ambidextrous."
Cal- I can only jack off with my right hand.

Zach- Really? I can do it with both. I'm ambijaxtrous, bitch!

Cal- So lucky!!
by Lefty Stroker December 25, 2010
A slang term for semen. Derived from the assumption that sluts are bitches and they eat semen.
Zach - Did you study with Mrs. Fegget?
Cal - Nah man, I fed her some of my bitch sauce.
Zach - Saweeet. Did she like it?
Cal - Of course, negro.
by Lefty Stroker March 18, 2011

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