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Using an Android phone primarily to surf for porn.
Dave: I have 300 porn bookmarks on my Android!
Sam: don't you mean your Porndroid?
#android #porn #bookmarks #mobile #phone
by Lefty Flash March 15, 2011
To get killed in an accident by a truck on the highway in the fashion of the late singer, Harry Chapin.
Dude 1: Did you hear about the accident on the Interstate last night?
Dude 2: Yes, and I heard that the driver was Harry Chapin-ed!
#harry #chapin #auto #accident #death #crash
by Lefty Flash February 18, 2010
1) Someone who meets hiring quotas on two counts.
2) An employee who fits into two minority categories.
"That new black woman in accounting will never get fired, she's a two pointer"

Alternate spelling "2 Pointer"
#minority #eeo #quota #firing #hiring
by Lefty Flash August 05, 2008
An irregularly occuring goth holiday.
Lady of the dark: How should we celebrate TGIF13?
Pasty white dude: I'll have a Marilyn Manson Marathon!
Lady of the dark: Killer!
#friday #goth #holiday #grim #dark
by Lefty Flash May 13, 2011
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