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crying, getting upset about something which may not enclude tears, getting vexed over something

or it can be used to see how people are doing, Luton/Patois speak
'why you barlin?'- whats up/why are you crying
'what you barlin'- hows things/whats happening
by Lefteye lopez January 25, 2006
meaning a gay man, in the same vein as batty boy, chi chi boy. derived from Patois or Luton slang.
in relation to an internationally known famous homosexual i.e rupert everett or elton john- 'he's such a marma man'. If the homo you are talking about is an extreme case you can call them a 'champyan marma' (champion) meaning he is a king gay boy
by Lefteye lopez January 25, 2006

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