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5 definitions by Left Cup Lance

the phenomenon that occurs when you regain cognitive memory from a blackout's clutches, usually occurring when raging to the wee hours of the morn.
Kid: "Did you close last night?"
Sav: "There's a long and short story to that. Regrettably, I began to black in and realized that bitch was heinous as fuck. I also noticed I still had half a Loko left and, whelp, the rest will go down in the annals of history."
Kid: "You never cease to amaze me."
by Left Cup Lance November 14, 2010
a phrase describing the sound created by a beer pong swish, usually culminating in the person saying said phrase .

Also, a sav's primary answer to the question: "what did you drink last night?"
Kid: "You gotta hit this cup."
Sav: "It's already in, nothing but beer, kid"
Kid: "Left Cup Lance you are dirt nasty at this game."
by Left Cup Lance November 14, 2010
n. similar to a brown-out, but slightly less severe and infinitely more baller with an r.
v. to ball hard as fuck
"Kids pulling from a bottle of goose and doing shots of cranberry juice. The mark of a true sav-out."

Kid: "Do you recall teaching my whole party how to Dougie last night?"
Sav: "Of course, I only know how to do 2 things in life. Sav-out and Dougie."
Kid: "You are both a gentleman and a scholar, sir."
by Left Cup Lance November 14, 2010
a rare breed of savage who is ambidextrous (or slightly better with their nondominant hand) on the beer pong court and specializes in hitting the last cup creating a nothing, but beer sound.
Kid: "How'd you do tonight?"
Sav: "Right or Left handed?"
Kid: "Motherfucker, I forgot you were Left Cup Lance."
by Left Cup Lance November 14, 2010
a level of shit-faced in which one is sloppy like a pig and out of this world like a baseball during the glorious steroid era.
Kid: "Where'd you go last night?"
Sav: "I have no idea. I woke up sandy with a roll of 20s in my pocket and mad hickeys on my neck. Ham dinged."
Kid: "Oh man. That is rich."
by Left Cup Lance November 14, 2010