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Some fagg who trys to act all cool. They shoot people by day and sell drugs at night.......Very angry stupid people
" Im A Gangstar Grrrrrrrrrrr Im Mad"

"Bark With me if your my dog"
' Hey You With The Face! ... Want Some Drugs??"
Whitney: OMG Look Theres A Guy Pissing On Somones Lawn....

Leezanne: Hahahahahahahahahaha Wtf?

Gangstar: Yo Fool whaaat u luukin at????


Whitney: K.o X X
Leezanne: hahahahaa you killed my friend and shot my arm!! hahahahahaha

Gangstar:....yo Didnt I Just Sell You Dope A Few Mins Ago?

Leezanne: ya hahahaha :D:D:D

Gangstar: Damn Fool You Crazy!


muhahahahahaha *cough**cough*
by Leezanne/ Oreo Mafia July 17, 2005

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