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A swear word a million billion times worse than "Guff". First used by Ryan Reynolds in Blade Trinity.
"Eat shit! You Cock Juggling Thunder Cunt".
by Leeroy80 October 10, 2005
The most vile of all cunts.
That Adolf Hitler was a complete fucking Traffic Warden.
by Leeroy80 September 11, 2005
A white, hairy twat.
The good thing about shagging your gran is that you get a bowl of stew afterwards. The bad thing is that shes got a minge like Rupert the bear.
by Leeroy80 September 11, 2005
1. A term used to describe the sobriety of a circus performer.
2. A handsome fellow, probably called Lee, from the southern part of Englandshire.
1. "That jugglers not pissed, he's as sober as a midget judge"
2. "He's got my minge all damp, he's a right midget judge"
by Leeroy80 September 11, 2005
1. A small collection of feacal matter attatched to the anal web of a meat chopper.
2. A term used to describe a certain quantity of meat.
She was as skinny as fuck, I kid you not lads, she was practically dead. I've seen more meat on a butchers winnet.
by Leeroy80 September 11, 2005

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