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The act of receiving an alcohol enema, known as getting joosed.
Man, I could use a good joosin', I needs to get drunk from the bottom-up!
by Leeroy Jenkem February 24, 2009
Used in conjunction with a joose-bag, the joose nozzles are used singularly as a tip of which is inserted into the rectum. This is to facilitate the process of receiving an alcohol enema. This is commonly known as "getting joosed," due to the use of the Joose brand flavored and caffeinated alcohol beverage as the alcohol of choice.

The joose nozzle can be of varying size, diameter, and length, depending on the experience of the recipient.

Pictures of a joose nozzle can be found here (section 6):
Hey Leeroy! Make sure you sanitize them joose nozzles before you stick any of em in your ass and get joosed!
by Leeroy Jenkem February 24, 2009
A bag used to hold the contents of an alcohol enema. It is used in conjunction with a joose nozzle. Alternatively, a Fleet enema can be used in place of the joose-bag.

The bag is filled with an alcoholic drink, most commonly the brand Joose, thus the term joosing.

The bag must be air-tight and (re)sealable, as during the joosing process, it is put under considerable pressure due to the forcing of the Joose into the rectum of the recipient.
Shit, Nismo! Whatchu buyin' them cheap-ass joose-bags fo? You know they only good for one joosin', and my butt needs more bubbly!
by Leeroy Jenkem February 24, 2009
Receiving an alcohol enema. The alcohol can be of any variety, but it is more commonly known as "joosed" due to the popularity of receiving the enema with the flavored/caffeinated malt beverage, "Joose".

The effervescence of the "joosing" is thought to increase the alcohol absorption into the bloodstream (over other non-carbonated alcohol enemas with the same alcohol percentage).

The enema is administered via a joose-bag or common drug-store enema (see Fleet Enema for an example). The joose bag resembles a pastry bag and has multiple joose nozzles that can be swapped out for varying levels of pleasure and experience. Additionally, it is recommended that when sharing a joose bag between two or more individuals, a separate nozzle (or bag) should be used per recipient.

The bag is filled with the alcoholic beverage, while keeping one finger under the tip of the nozzle. The open end is then folded over and sealed tight.

The recipient must then remove their pants and undergarments and recline in either a horizontal or angled position to position the rectum as north as possible.

A second individual will then administer the joosing. (Experienced joosers will be able to administer their own with practice.) The recipient must then remain in an anus-northward position until it is time to "pull the ripcord," or release the alcohol from his/her anus.

If the alcoholic beverage is of a lower alcohol percentage, the recipient may then choose to be plugged with a silicone "cork" or joose plug. The recipient can then be mobile until the "ripcord" is pulled.

More information can be found here (section 5):

Joosing is extremely dangerous, and many people have died from alcohol poisoning from it. It is NOT recommended that anyone practice this form of alcohol consumption.

Please see the 2007 Darwin Award winner:
Damn! Me and the boys went out last night and got straight joosed in the ass! That old dude hooked us up proper with joose-bags and nozzles for us all!
by Leeroy Jenkem February 23, 2009

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