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An individual who attempts to climb the Corporate Ladder, by sleeping with their boss, and then files sexual harassment charges, but their hands are slippery from doing it the wrong way, so they slide back down.
Yeah, Monica's law suite against her boss Dave for sexual harassment got dropped, because they found an email from her asking him to bend her over in his office....She's now working in the mail room. I now think she is trying to sleep with her new boss Kyle, to get promoted. This will be number three, that Ladder Greaser!
by LeeezaNaarooon October 16, 2009
That instigating coworker who does nothing, yet everything they can to make your work day suck.
Every day Rochelle would complain about Christy's perfume, Nancy's outfits and the smell from Tony's lunch to management...What a Lutunatic!
by LeeezaNaarooon October 16, 2009
Someone who borrows money under the impression that it is earmarked to alleviate financial hardship, however, uses the money for trivial personal gratification.
Damn, I loaned Sal $25,000 to pay for her Mom's medical bills, but she flew to Europe for a month instead! What a sugar loan skank!
by LeeezaNaarooon October 16, 2009
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