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something that fits into the category of being "Gay" and from the "1980's".
Boy George is so geighties!
by leeann September 30, 2003
A southerner who dates girls simply to get some, basically a conquest for sex
Jeremy Rawls is a Horny Little Conquistador!!!!
by LeeAnn May 28, 2003
Net slang for: Can I lock you in my basement forever?
you've totally got me lollerskating, CILYIMBF?
by leeann September 30, 2003
1.This is awesome or the shitof or being cool
2.of or having to do with a black person
1. Fuck man...this is the niggiest shit ever.
2. This place is the niggiest
by Leeann June 24, 2004
The act of calling someone in the middle of the night after drinking heavily.
I got a drunk drive by from my sister at 3:00 a.m.
by Leeann March 24, 2005
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